Saturday, June 26, 2010

QCAT highly critical of Body Corporate Manager SSKB

QCAT recently ruled on an application to equalise the levies at Palm Springs Residences. The determination was given in favour of the applicant. Part of the determination was highly critical of the SSKB representative/consultant who acted on behalf of the BC.

"It is difficult to ascertain how he can assert, in any meaningful way, that he is not aware of any possible or perceived conflict of interest".

"It is of concern that Mr Walsh's final conclusion in his report of 22 September 2009 (exhibit 3) is identical to the terms of the defence filed by the Respondent".

"The adoption of the practice of body corporate managers purporting to act both as "experts" and "representatives" in the same case is not one which should be encouraged."

"These sections of his report are common to all such reports emanating from SSKB".

Hardly a glowing endorsement for SSKB - Stewart Silver King and Burns. Hopefully they will take the free advice from QCAT and reconsider their future involvement in these matters.

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