Saturday, June 26, 2010

Levy Equalisation Fiasco continues

Minister Peter Lawlor announced some months ago that he would be changing the legislation so that "millionaire penthouse owners" would no longer be able to exploit a loophole to have their Body Corporate Levies slashed at the expense of smaller unit owners.

Whilst we continue to await for the changes to the legislation to be put forward, QCAT continue to rule on applications to equalise levies. The latest ruling for Palm Springs Residences determined in favour of the applicant to reduce the levies in penthouses on higher floors and increase the levies for those on lower floors.

One has to wonder whether Peter Lawlor was premature in making his announcement. Although he continues to assert that the legislation will be changed there is no guarantee that this will actually happen and his announcement may have had the affect of falsely raising the hopes of residents who face significant rises in their levies.

The fact is that if he doesnt do something soon it may be too late and he could be sitting in opposition.


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