Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Illegal Parking or a free for all?

Bodies Corporate often have to deal with vehicles that have been illegally parked and they usually go through a combination of the following steps:
  • notify the owner of the vehicle
  • place a notice on the vehicle requesting that it be moved.
  • give a further notice if the vehicle is not moved within a set time frame
  • have the vehicle towed if it is not moved within a reasonable time frame

Well, it seems that a recent decision might prevent Bodies Corporate from taking these steps without:

  • issuing a formal contravention notice
  • obtaining an order from the commissioners office which might take months to receive

There has been a report that one Body Corporate was ordered to retrieve a car that had been towed away and pay expenses to the owner.

Many committees will feel that it is not worth the aggravation of going to the trouble of lodging applications to the commissioner and issuing contravention notices over a perceived illegally parked vehicle.

This is another example of how the system fails owners by being unnecessarily complicated.


The opinions expressed in this blog are personal and not intended in to be advice in any way. I have spent many years participating on a number of different Body Corporate Committees. I am a dealer in Vintage Movie Memorabilia specialising in original movie posters and movie art. also present a radio programme on Jazz Radio 94.1fm Monday - Friday afternoons on the Gold Coast.

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