Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pets in Body Corporate Communities

There are many reports of tenants who have pets in their units or townhouses without permission. The larger the Body Corporate Community, the harder it is to police. I have even heard of tenants moving their pets out of the building when it is time for their inspection by the landlord or manager.

Although many Body Corporate Communities have strict by laws about pets, the reality is that the laws are hard to enforce. Committees find the complicated process of going through the commissioner, or whichever other authority is current at the time, daunting and time wasting and often times they end up ignoring breaches unless they are forced to act.

Confusing and coflicting recent judgements about pets also make it difficult for committees to act and many end up adopting a laissez faire attitude to pets. As long as they dont cause a nuisance then they turn a blind eye.

Once again, this all comes down to the fact that Committees are made up of volunteers. There are limits to how much time they should expend on issues like pet approvals, etc. This is ultimately a weakness of a Body Corporate system that is in a mess.

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